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obama made history touching down in burma. after meeting with the nobel peace prize winner, he delivered a message that the country needs to continue democratic reform. some complain changes are not fast enough. >> the first american president to visit burma touched down in a country that for 50 years shut itself away from the west. he came to praise reform and make a bigger point to china. america is expanding influence across asia. burma is now being courted as a friend. mr. obama made his way through which has become the obligatory itinerary for visiting dignitaries who have come here since change began. he met the reformist president and pushed him to release more political prisoners. then it was on to the house that was once a prison for the pro- democracy leader. what has become customary word of caution about the process. >> the most difficult time in transition is when we think success is in sight. we have to be careful we are not lured by in the rosh -- by a mirage of success. >> the body language was warm. president obama voiced concern about ethnic violence. his visit comes ag
corporations. what can we do for you? >> and now, bbc world news. >> pressure mounts on burma's government to end ethnic violence as president obama prepares for a first visit to the country. we have a special report from rakhine, where tens of thousands of muslims have been forced to flee from continued fighting. >> all the evidence we've heard paints a picture of a planned organized attack, in which security forces, at best, did nothing, and at worst, took part. >> welcome to "g.m.t." also in the program -- a new leader for the anglican church, former oil executive turned bishop, justin welby. he'll try to unify anglicans worldwide. as pakistan's schoolgirl recovers from gunshot wounds, her father thanks the world for inspirational support. it's midday here in london, 8:00 p.m. in tokyo, and 6:30 p.m. in burma, a state undergoing rapid political change, but still dogged by ethnic violence. the bbc has gained access to villages in rakhine state, destroyed by violence in recent weeks. it's a region torn in two by ethnic conflict between buddhists and minority muslim rakhinjas. but the viol
to asia. it's historic because it will mark the first time a sitting president visited burma, also known as myanmar. phil neville previews the trip. >> reporter: president obama is traveling to southeast asia hoping to expand relations with countries in the region. this is his fifth strip to -- trip to asia in four years and centers around a visit to burma. the country's in the process of transitioning from decades of authoritarian rule to a democratic system. secretary of state hillary clinton said burma is a prime example of a formerly militaristic regime changing its ways. >> the cost of economic sanctions and the benefits of rejoining the global economy help spur the government to begin opening up. >> reporter: over the past year, burma introduced sweeping reforms, including holding elections, easing rules and protests, relaxing sensorship and freeing dissidents. the president will meet with the most public figure at her home where she was held under house arrest for more than two decades. >> this is with -- will have very high symbolic significance. under substance itself, it depend
as the first u.s. president to visit burma but human rights activists warn that your visit is premature given the escalating vie lanes that has left hundreds dead and hundreds more displaced. people are, quote, living in fear and terror. why are you moving so quickly to endorse the burmese leadership and reward them with a personal visit, and with some of the recent setbacks and movements in the middle east, why are you so confident burma will move down the path of reform. and to madam prime minister as well, as a u.s. ally and neighbor of myanmar and burma, are you certain and do you believe president obama's visit is premature or appropriately timed? thank you? >> well, first of all i think it's important to recognize, david, this is not an endorsement of the burmese government. it's an acknowledgen't there's a process under way inside that country that even a year and a half ago, two years ago nobody foresaw. president hussein is taking steps that move us in a better direction. you have aungi san suu kyi. you've seen prisoners released. there's an articulated commitment for political refor
, president obama got a warm welcome during his historic visit to burma. but it was a chillier reception in the next stop. [ female announcer ] research suggests cell health plays a key role throughout our lives. one a day women's 50+ is a complete multivitamin designed for women's health concerns as we age. it has more of 7 antioxidants to support cell health. one a day 50+. >>shepard: i am shepard smith and this is the "studio b" at the bottom the hour. world leaders trying to hammer out a deal between israel and hamas as both sides pound each other. egypt is calling for hamas to stop the rocket attacks and hamas is demanding israel stock the blockade. president obama called the egyptian president and the israeli prime minister. working out a truce will not be easy considering both consideration each other a terrorist organization. the israeli military reports they stand ready to invade gaza. here is what it looked like on the ground there this afternoon. >> all along the gaza strip outposts have now popped up, with communication centers set up the past 24 to 48 hours and now it resemb
.m. eastern time on sunday, this was her with president obama meeting with the president of burma. as of 12:47 yesterday, here she was with the president at the home of the pro-democracy activist. 4:14 p.m. yesterday she was boarding air force one with the president headed to cambodia. midnight today, she was with the president at the east asia summit. but then hillary clinton suddenly and unexpected peeled off leaving cambodia at 2:51 eastern time this afternoon flying first to israel to make a middle of the night meeting with the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. this took place at 11:08 p.m. in jerusalem when hillary clinton sat down with benjamin netanyahu. and from there after her meeting with the israeli prime minister, she went to go talk to the palestinians. but not those in gaza where the fighting was happening, because the u.s. doesn't talk to their governing body, so she'll go to a different territory not contiguous with where the fighting is. as long as we're talking about confusing things, yes, the west bank is east of the other place we're talking about. there it is.
them progress. >> suarez: also known as burma, the country was under military rule for half a century and was largely closed off from the rest of the world. yet in the past two years it's begun a rapid about-face. today president obama complemented... complimented the myanmar president, former general and his reform. >> the steps that he's already taken for democratization -- elections, the release of prisoners of conscience, a commitment to work with us on human rights dialogue -- all can unleash the incredible potential of this beautiful country. >> suarez: from there the president followed by admirers traveled to the home of long time opposition leader who spent most of the last 20 years under house arrest and is now an elected member of her country's house of representatives. >> the united states has been staunch in its support of the democracy movement in burma and we are confident that this support will continue through the difficult years that lie ahead. i say difficult because the most difficult time in any transition is when we think that success is in sight. >> suarez: mr. o
will travel to thailand, make historic visit to burma, and isn't that east asian summit. -- visit the asian summit. what i would like to do is to step back and put this trip into context. how does it fit into his broader approach in the security and national security interests and talk a little bit about what rebalancing is and is not. how the trip furthers our national security strategy and given the decades of experience in the regions represented, i look forward to questions and discussion about asia. to your point, which was a very important from my perspective, i would like to begin by noting that one of the great challenges in the implementation and execution of foreign policy is to prevent the daily challenges from a party of the development of strategies pursuit for the united states long term. from the offset of the administration and its very first day, the president directed those of us on a national security team to engage in a strategic assessment, and global examination of our presence, our faith to the world, and our priorities. what about the footprints and what it ought to
a congressional gold medal to aung san suu kyi in recognition of her efforts to liberate the people of burma. today, we celebrate her steadfast commitment to democracy, stability, and human dignity, and we do so in a manner worthy of her ideals. nancy pelosi initiated the measure of awarding this metal and republican george w. bush signed into law. his wife, former first lady laura bush, is with us today, as is her predecessor, secretary of state hillary clinton. coming together in mutual respect, a step from the chambers where we passionately debate the issues of the day that has become almost second nature to us. but it is a blessing, and we will hear over and over during the course of this ceremony, aung san suu kyi has shown the world just how hard one it really is. on behalf of the congress, let me express how humble and honored we are by your presence here in the rotunda of the united states capitol. >> ladies and gentlemen, please stand for the presentation of the callers by the united states armed forces color guard, the singing of our national anthem, and the retiring of the colors.
of friendship halfway around the world and makes history as the first sitting u.s. president to visit burma while president obama continues a tour of southeast asia the white house cannot ignore the northeast. nicolas kristof joins us next on "now." [ fishing rod casting line, marching band playing ] [ male announcer ] the rhythm of life. [ whistle blowing ] where do you hear that beat? campbell's healthy request soup lets you hear it... in your heart. [ basketball bouncing ] heart healthy. great taste. mmm... [ male announcer ] sounds good. it's amazing what soup can do. >>> i've come to keep my promise and extend the hand of friendship. america now has an ambassador in rangoon, sanctions have been eased, and we will help rebuild an economy that can offer opportunity for its people and serve as an engine of growth for the world. but, this remarkable journey has just begun. and has much further to go. the flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguished, they must be strengthened, they must become a shining north star for all this nation's people. >> that was president obama
is spreading inside the long crest country of burma with protesters taking to the streets today. >> riot police moved in to break up a three-month protest against a large copper mine run by a chinese company. witnesses said truckloads of police arrived to move up demonstrators. activists say almost 50 people were injured. >> the right to protest was part of burma's transition toward reforms, but critics say the latest police action shows just how skin deep those reactions are. >> many of the injured were buddhist monks. the police stormed the protesters camps under cover of night. peaceful prayer is marred by violence. some demonstrators were still asleep when the crackdown began. >> 25 months and another man were injured and are in hospital. >> the opposition leader arrived, planning to meet with demonstrators. the mine is backed by a chinese firm, one of many that have set up shop in burma in recent years. the expansion has bred growing resentment among local workers. protesters say nearly 3200 hectares of land have been illegally confiscated for the project. china says everything is above bo
. obama, chosen this difficult moment to pivot to embark on a 48 visiting burma, thailand and cambodia turn the foreign-policy from the atlantic and mediterranean to the other side of the pacific ocean. president obama cited what he called a diplomatic courtesy as he referred to burma as miramar. not the official u.s. name for which has long been burma. the president met with cambodian strongman, the one-time communist who has held power since the mid-80s. this is the first ever trip to cambodia by a sitting united states president. as the president continues his tour through southeast asia, work continues in washington are possible fiscal cliff deal, confident such a deal would be reached to spur optimism in the market today combined with good news on housing produced a big wall street rally. crude oil hitting a one-month high at the escalation of the middle east, futures jump in almost 3%. the national association of realtors today reporting existing home sales rose more than 2% in october beating forecasts. faster pace of sales and an increase in monthly builder sentiment all contri
the cooperation of security. the president will make a historic visit to burma. a country whose leaders after decades of repression have chosen to embark on democratization. the president's visit reflects his conviction that engagement is the best way to encourage further action. there is more to be done. we're not going to miss this moment in terms of our opportunity to push this along and try to lock in as much reform as best we can. becoming the first president to visit burma, he is endorsing reforms under way giving momentum to reformers and promoting continued progress. when the president hosted the president in the oval office, he told her the goal is to engage the government of burma and it would encourage his collaboration and the international community and incentivizes reform. the president's meeting with government opposition will demonstrate the united states can be counted on as a partner when the government makes the right choice. the meetings as well as his speech will also be an opportunity to reaffirm the progress that still must be made. this includes the release of politica
. thank you for joining me. barack obama will make a groundbreaking visit to burma later this month. the white house said mr. obama plans to meet burma's's president end opposition leader aung san suu kyi during his visit. it is the first time a -- american president plans to visit the country. and the bishop of shahram, just as well because my is said to be named to the next archbishop of canterbury. an announcement is expected by the british government on friday. the man who shot former congressman gabrielle giffords has been jailed for life. jared loughner shot her in head and killed six others. the jiabao came face to face for the first time today in a courtroom in arizona. -- the two came face-to-face for the first time today in the courtroom in arizona. "i will live and die in syria" was the defiant message from syrian president assad in an interview. this comes as a reaction after he was offered safe passage as a guarantee to end the civil war. the bbc's diplomatic correspondent, james robbins, has the story. >> the syrian opposition groups have been under intense pressure to
obama becomes a first- inning president to visit burma. but >> lewis hamilton wins the u.s. grand prix. >> ban ki moon has arrived in cairo in support of the cease- fire between israel and hamas. >> the exiled leader of hamas says they must take the first up a bit want the truce in israel. they will consider a cease-fire in israel and their attacks and the siege of gaza. >> israel has bombed building and at least 90 people have been killed and some 700 wounded since the air strikes began. >> the bombardment of gaza continues. israeli defense forces are picking targets they say it are connected to palestinian militants. the billionaire also among the latest casualties. across the border in israel, ground troops are massing in preparations for a possible invasion. israel has no mobilize and 40,000 reservists. elsewhere, diplomats are attempting to broker a ceasefire. in jerusalem, middle east peace envoy tony blair met with perez to stop the rocket attacks. >> it is clear we do not have any ambition to gain an advantage but we just want to stop the fire. >> more than 1000 rockets have be
of burma'sraitnowd rerm b ctics the latest police action show jt w sneeho rctns are. >> many of the injured were buhion otters camps under cover of night. acul pyeisard by violence. some demonstrators were stl asephethe crackdown began. >>5 nt ath m we iur a a i hoit. >> the oppositi lde rid, planning to the mine is backed by a cne fi, ef my atavset up shop in burma in recent yes. e paio h bred gring resentment among local workers otteayearly 3200 hectares of land haveee ilgayonscedorhe oject. china says everything is above board. >> rocio cpeatn, environmental protection, and other issues with theroct we jnt stl tou negotiations and meet myanmar's laws and regulio. >> the project has also ovshowhe gere's form efforts. burma has garnered globaprse fotsrafoatn late, but the controversy could hurt gornntffts timov itma abroad. >> justice has bn sw ri i aentina for crimes committed by soldiersgast vianutt on its way. >> a major trial h onein so othmo notorious acts urr,orrean kidnapping committed during the military dictatorship. at half of >> flights of prons tow out oflanes over the sea wh
. also, the world bank says burma and will get its first development plan. and, tackling the energy question. human rights groups have condemned a video posted on the internet which appears to show syrian rebels of executing captured government soldiers. amnesty international says if confirmed, it constitutes a war crime. we are asking whether this is something new. >> it has happened before. but now it is becoming more and more obvious that the rebels are committing killings like the regime, and at the same level, both of them. it is just days before a big conference in doha where the opposition is asked to unified under one group, in order to bid but to lead the rebels on the ground, because there's a big discrepancy between the political leadership and the rebels on the ground who are fighting, in their aspirations, in the way they are conducting their rebellion. >> are they out of control? who is funding these groups? whether it coming from -- where are they coming from? clerk this is a rebel informed by several groups. this is not the regular army. it happened in many revolutio
of cambodia before, but president obama is about to do so. no sitting president has visited burma either. but president obama is about to go there too. no president has ever done that. when he's there, he will meet with the opposition leader. what is the side note of this historic trip to burma? before the u.s. government decided to send a president to the country, we first decided we were ready to send a rock band to that country. the state department under a brand new president obama in 2009 authorized the great l.a. latin fusion band to go tour burma. a sort of ambassadors for u.s. culture in that part of the world. burma has only finally ended military rule there as of last year. after president obama makes his visit there this weekend, we have now learned we're going to be sending another american musical act to follow up the president's trip. this time it's jason mraz. he's scheduled to play a gig december 16th. he's going to be playing outdoors free of charge. even though we expect democrats and republicans to fight over everything these days, the associated press notes that mitch
caught in the cross fire. >>> president obama makes a historic visit to burma urging leaders of the long isolated country to embrace democracy. >>> are you ready for black friday? some shoppers are already lined up to kick off the holiday shopping season but will shoppers spend enough to meet retailers expectations? >>> and nature's power on full display as a massive waterspout threatens to touch down on dry land. >>> this is "the cbs morning news" for monday, november 19th, 2012. >>> good morning, everybody. good to be with you. i'm terrell brown. this morning, no signs of a letup in the fighting between israeli forces and palestinian militants on the gaza strip. israeli air strikes hit dozens of suspected targets overnight. an israeli missile destroyed two homes in a residential neighborhood, killing at least two children, according to gaza officials. militants fired more than 100 rockets on israel yesterday. peace efforts are under way in cairo. susan mcginnis is in washington watching it all this morning. susan, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, terrell. the
burma even though its former military leaders changed the name to myanmar. the new civilian leaders are keeping the name but taking steps towards democracy like releasing political prisoners. president obama met with one of those former prisoners, the nobel prize winner. she spent almost 20 years under house arrest for fighting for democracy. now, she is a member of parliament. at the meeting, president obama called the country burma but listen to what he said during a meeting with the burmese president. >> we think that a process of democratic reform and economic reform here in me martha has been begun by the president is one that can lead to incredible development opportunities. >> the white house says the president used myanmar as a diplomatic courtesy and that it does not change official policy. the first stop on the president's trips with thailand, then burr matchett tonight he he is in cambodia and so is wendell goler who is traveling with the president. wendell? >> shep, as you point out the president's aides say he aimed to make a courteous gesture there no change in the u.s
visited burma, either. but president obama is about to go there too. no president has ever done that. when he's there, he will meet with the opposition leader. aung san suu kyi. while he's there. one interesting side note on president obama making this historic trim to burma. which is also called myanmar. in 2009, before the u.s. government decided that they were ready to send a sitting president to that country, we apparently first decided that we were ready to send a rock band to that comprehend. specifically the band ozo motley. the state department under a brand new president obama in 2009 authorized the great l.a. latin fusion band to go tour burma. a sort of ambassadors for u.s. culture in that notoriously closed off authoritarian part of the world. burma has only finally ended military rule there as of last year. after president obama makes his visit there this weekend, we have now learned we're going to be sending another american musical act to follow up the president's trip. this time it's going to be singer/songwriter jason mraz. that's how you say it, right? mraz. he's schedule
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traveled with the president to myanmar, the place we used to call burma. he has traveled on to cambodia tonight, chuck, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian, before he went to bed, it is daybreak here in cambodia the president spoke to the egyptian president and israeli prime minister, netanyahu getting a firsthand conversation on where they stand in the negotiations. but as you mentioned, the president is wrapping up this three-day trip to southeast asia. of course, the highlight has been the several hours he spent in myanmar, the first american president to be there in the country known as burma. to catch a look at the president, the president was greeted by thousands of locals that lined the streets. including uniformed school children, waving flags for miles. mr. obama made an unannounced stop at a holy site, the center of the religion. there, the president made the ceremonial water pouring. then it was off to the home of aung san kyi, where the nobel prize peace winner lived under house arrest. >> i would like to see president obama in my country, and in my heart. >> repo
in burma. instead of speaking directly to the regime as many presidents often do, he spoke over the regime to the people of burma, to aspirations for freedom and democracy. now, mr. president, i think it's time to give that speech to the people of russia and china. >> all right. mar ma mary. joe. >> and he is squire, americans the year. miss dunham is celebrated for reinventing the romantic comedy with the h.b.o. program "girls" and chief justice roberts celebrating for reinventing taxing power for conservatives who endorse liberal priorities and i hope the chief justice is enjoying his new intellectual company. >> paul: all right, joe. bret. >> ron paul, thank you finely for retiring. there's been a question of ron paul, areat man of principle or somewhat strange character with often some might say bigoted views and recently come out talking about the virtues of succession, those of us who always thought ron paul was a crank and find ourselves confirmed. >> paul: remember, if you have your own hit or miss, send it to us at and follow us on
britain during world war ii. but i bet you did not know that it was buried in burma. it was shipped to the country in 1945. when the war against the japanese came in -- came to an abrupt end, there were buried so they would not fall into the wrong hands. >> they are the plane that helped win the battle of britain. the cease-fire that once -- the spitfire that once fought in the skies over europe. they were shipped to burma, but when the war with japan and its, some say they were buried. some have spent the last 60 years trying to track them down. he believes he has now located more than 30 spitfires, carefully boxed in wooden crates, waiting to be found. >> i knew the airplanes were there. i tracked down eight eyewitnesses. they all told me the same story. i have had professional survey is done by the university of leeds. i have ground radar images. everything is pointing to that we have found them. >> this is an old air base on the edge of the jungle just outside rangoon. scientists who have already visited the site have detected what would appear to be large concentrations of meta
around the world know myanmar has burma. there's been some criticism of this trip by president obama as he's being too much too soon. >> reporter: that's right. there's only one visit that a president has to give in terms of the first visit and many people, there are critics who felt this was too much, too soon. you had the secretary of state who came here at the end of last year and then there was the u.s. ambassador who was reenstated. many felt that was far enough especially since the fact you have some rights issues here. there's still violence in this country. there's still a level corruption. the criticism is you need to give this process some time. the president has talked about we're in the first steps of a long term process to democracy. you need to give it more time to find out if it's a real pathway to the future or not before rewarding it with a presidential visit. >> what has the administration's response been to all of this criticism? >> reporter: they feel this is an important visit pause becaus does encourage the process along. it's in no way a celebration they have r
, president obama breaks new ground in burma. first, adding insult to injury. after super storm sandy. ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >> shannon: 12 more new york city public schools reopened today following the damage from super storm sandy last month. 18 are still closed. gas rationing extented through friday. for many people's whose homes were damaged, insult has been added to injury. senior correspondent eric shawn explains from breezy point new york. >> amid the devastation and destruction that remains three weeks after hurricane sandy, a stinging surprise from the new york city building department. a notice, tacked to the front door, demanding the storm's victims fix their problems under penalty of law. >> the city needs to work with us, not against us. you know, to impose a fine, to threaten violations, i mean just look ar
to pronounce the other place that burma is. >> myanmar. >> stephanie: yeah. >> everybody knows that stephanie >> stephanie: oh, shut up. now the it willest paula broadwell news. >> the "new york daily news" is reporting that the emails that paula went to tampa social light joe kelly -- [ laughter ] >> stephanie: is that what the kids are calling it. >> were threatening, that they threatened to quote make them go away. [♪ dramatic music ♪] >> go away? >> yes. but i think it's fascinating that apparently kelly read the emails to a friend and the friend said they were scary, this wasn't just a cat fight. the broodwells are clearly unstable -- >> stephanie: yeah, she was scared for her life. so jill kelly has hired glory al -- >> oh really? >> stephanie: yeah all of that attorney privilege she probably would have clammed up on us anyway. there was a lot of booze there. >> booze and dope apparently. >> yeah. >> say it ain't so. >> the best thing to come out of this little pot scenario was when steph mentioned this to me and said maybe i'm high. and i'm like no you can't ju
. >> now it is time for the top 5@5:00. president obama the first u.s. citizen to visit burma. he endured years of house arrest to gain freedom. the president vowing to help burma continue it's democracy. >> if we see continued progress towards reform our bilateral sides will grow stronger and we will do everything we can to help ensure success. >> critics say he wthe presidens wrong to visit a country oppressed. >> in a few hours hostess will appear to start selling off access. companies are interested in buying parts of the business including twinkies. hostess had no choice but to strike before return to go work. >>> florida senator making history in the iowa debut. he have the keynote speaker at a birthday fundraiser for governor kerry. he said the fundraiser scored over 600,000 dollars. rubio said his speech had nothing to do with that. >> paula broadwell and her family returned home for the first time since david petraeus resigned as cia director over the extra marital affair. she told friends she is devastated about the fallout but is still being investigated for classified document
to develop in other countries including fighting malaria along the thai/burma border. we also welcome, by the way, the leadership thailand has taken in protecting thailand around the world. it's something that thailand slould be very proud of. finally we discussed a range of regional challenges. thailand has supported the cause of democracy in burma, protecting dissidents, hosting refugees, and promoting reform, and i very much appreciate the prime minister's insights as i prepare to visit burma tomorrow. as a member of asean, thailand
in massachusetts, and next up comes burma, the president is visiting despite the very shaky record on human rights, but the white house says they think the best way to get burma to shape up is to directly engage them and add that the burmese have made continued positive action in the early stages of transition to democracy. a trip to cambodia on the schedule where he'll attend a summit with the association of southeast asian nations and host nation like burma, less than impressive human rights and although that's concerning, the president will bring it up when he sees the cambodia prime minister. even though he's away from the white house, the president is monitoring, we're told, what's happening in israel and gaza and someone asked the top advisor if the united states is advising to go forward or put the breaks on gaza. and the advisor says israel is going to have to make their own choices about military operation. >> thanks. >> clayton: when you take an asian trip we'd end up in coach all night, and deep vein thrombosis and the president gets to sleep on the plane and bound down. >> dave: fresh
this on the heels of a historic visit to burma. chief white house correspondent ed henry is live with the latest. i know the president has been criticized for even going to burma. how's he handling that, ed? >> reporter: well, it's interesting because there were flag-waving crowds, american flag-waving crowds greeting the president there in burma, but human rights activists have suggested that since there's still coming out of military rule, that maybe the president should not have made this visit. i think he did two thing, he met with awning song suu kyi who had been under house detention for 20 years, met with her, but also when he delivered remarks there in burma, he made clear this is just the beginning of a long journey and that they have a lot of work to do to prove that they are really turning the corner on human rightings. take a listen to the president. >> this remarkable journey has just begun. and has much further to go. reforms launched from the top of society must meet the aspirations of citizens who form its foundation. the flickers of progress that we have seen must not be extinguish
.s. president has gone to myanmar, also known as burma. it is a country that has been closed until recently. about two years ago we've seen this sort of movement to reform, but the controversy believes it's too soon for the president to make a visit there because you only have sort of one first visit to make and it becomes a very big deal. and they point to the fact that, you know, secretary of state hillary clinton already went there at the end of last year. there's now a u.s. ambassador there and that there's such a long way to go on the road to democracy there that we're only in the first chapters of it that it's really too early. the country's still unstable. there's still a lot of corruption there, violence there, and yet the president is going there. and the defense from the administration is they have rewarded action with action, and they point to the fact that when it was announced that secretary clinton would be going there and they would be putting a u.s. ambassador there, that's when you saw parliamentary elections. that's when you saw the easing and some of the ethnic tensions t
in the nation of burma. that's him with the president of burma. here's president obama in cambodia alongside that nation's prime minister. the trips to burma and cambodia represent the first visits by a sitting u.s. president to either of those countries ever. and on this pre-thanksgiving trip, he squeeze eed in a trip to our long standing ally in the region, thailand. the president is traveling in a part of the world that's important to the united states, vi
. the china and burma india theater. and if the special operations started with the oss in china and world war ii. oss also established the foundation for some of the intelligence framework that pos it to china for example. they are a training of the younger experts and those peopl ter world war to become the leading authorities of the american intelligence as well as the government policy services, so those are very big contributions. they also have some other lessons and grounders as well. >> what was one of the blunders >> one of the things is that i would say oss is trying so hard to establish itself as legitimate. they're always trying to constantly. for example, its independence from the liberation intelligence. the are too reliant upon th british intelligence. now for the intelligence analysis to the intelligence service is also a flaw itself. it works both ways. that's because once you add this analysis to the service. it's very fanatical. in other words it is not just to inform, it is to predic
to the situation in the middle east. he goes on to burma. that's the next stop looking forward. the president has got an little bit of criticism. you know, two years ago, a presidential drip to burma -- and this is the first sitting president to visit burma. two years ago it would have been unthinkable, not to mention the decades before that because of the oppressive regime there. the president will meet with the prominent nobel prize winning dissident whop ju just emerged house arrest. she was here in september, i believe it was. he will go out of his way to meet with her. there are market openings. n then in cambodia, he becomes the first president to visit there. he's breaking new ground both literally and figuratively, really emphasizing the united states' new commitment in this first trip since his re-election towards asia and these emerging markets and powers. >> yeah, certainly a democracy rock star for those who are watching what is happening in southeast asia. thank you so much, mike. appreciate it. >>> and she's 72 with plans to lead again. but should she make way for the younger genera
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